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You are faced with a sea of recruiters and headhunters who appear the same

Recruiters share none of the risk you take when making the hire. They don't take the time to really understand you or your goals. You are someone who values a confidential space in which to discuss you personal goals and business goals. You know having the right people in the right places is what makes the difference between profitability and difficult conversations at the board meetings. You've tried all manner of routes from hiring internal recruiters, to working with your HR team, and you've gone externally to other recruiters and headhunters to solve the hiring problem. Rarely is anyone looking beyond the job description for you. You receive inappropriate, poorly vetted candidates and end up doing all the work of selecting the right person anyway. You don't have the time to go through an evidence-based hiring process with everyone, so you have to take new hires on face value. It feels like a gamble. Together we can reduce the risk of making that new hire. If this resonates with you contact Gillies Kleboe

Gillies Kleboe